Full Stack Data Analytics

We can rapidly set you up with a modular, modern data analytics infrastructure by utilizing a combination of cloud services and open source software. We can load and model all your data in a cloud data warehouse and integrate a self-service analytics tool, so that in 2-4 weeks your business users and data analysts will be able to do enterprise-class data analysis on all your data.

Data Engineering

We have developed and managed the pipelines behind some of the most in-use data in the world. From complex data ingestion to matching to deduplication to re-integration, we can work with you to ensure that your data flows the way it needs to, with a scalable process and workflow orchestration.

Data Products

Whether you are developing a pure-play data product or building a website or app driven by data, we can help you navigate the technology and product issues you will face. The data products we built have generated hundreds of millions in revenues - we know what it takes to scalably acquire, clean, merge, store, deliver, and update data.

AI Safety & Testing

Traditional software testing is insufficient for the probabilistic nature of machine learning, and mistakes in production can be costly and hard to fix. When your machine learning model is ready for the real world, we can test your inference layer by generating synthetic and adversarial data to make sure it performs as expected using our ML Safety Server.